As an editorial photographer, I'm passionate about capturing compelling stories through my lens and showcasing the beauty of photojournalistic photography.
On my blog, I celebrate the significance of those in-between moments that often go unnoticed. Whether it's helping clients choose their engagement outfits or suggesting breathtaking destination wedding locations, I strive to provide a personalized experience that reflects their unique vision. My blog is a platform for sharing practical tips, personal experiences, and my love for photography in all its forms. Through my writing, I aim to inspire and empower couples to elevate their photography experience and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Modern Toronto Engagement Session


A modern Toronto engagement session with Lucas and Alexandra. A perfect blend of style and sophistication. Held at the stunning R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant, the shoot was a celebration of modernity, editorial vision, and the couple’s undeniable chemistry. Lucas and Alexandra were the perfect couple for this session – radiating love and affection with […]

A Timeless Vintage Car Editorial Bridal Session


This session with Grace and Jake was an editorial dream come true. Our goal was to create a timeless look, one that would transcend trends and remain stylish for years to come. With the addition of a vintage car and carefully chosen vendors, we were able to achieve the perfect balance of modernity and timelessness. […]

Lake Como Bridal Session


Nadia and Joey’s Lake Como Bridal Session was an absolute dream come true. The stunning beauty of the Villa Monastero was the perfect backdrop for this editorial and modern session. With a cedar boat tour and carefully curated vendors, the shoot was a celebration of romance, style, and sophistication. The cedar boat tour was a […]

A Timeless Engagement Session at The Met // Yoursa + Kirubel


Yousra and Kirubel had a beautiful engagement photoshoot at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, and it was simply timeless! They looked so stunning against the backdrop of the museum’s lush paintings and sculptures. Yousra wore a long white dress while Kirubel opted for an all-black suit. It was truly a sight […]

Where to Find ‘It Girl’ Bridesmaid Dresses


Picking out the perfect bridesmaid dresses is a huge part of wedding planning because they really bring everything together. These dresses allow the bride to show off her own style and complement her wedding gown. The key is finding dresses that make everyone look and feel amazing, while also fitting in with the overall vibe […]

What to Wear for Your Modern Engagement Session

Engagement, Inspiration

With every engagement comes a unique style. From elegant and sophisticated to minimalistic and modern, we can tailor the look of your engagement session to reflect your personal fashion preferences. Recently, I created a Pinterest board to collect fashion inspiration for my clients’ engagement sessions. I’m excited to share some ideas with you in this […]